Alexis Stewart


“Today was the most overwhelming day. My ASYV family was Queen Ester (each family home has its own name) and I was so attached to them that when it was time to leave I nearly cried. My girls were very funny and eager to learn new things from us. When Venus and I arrived tonight at our girls’ house they didn’t want to believe we were leaving. We spent our time together talking, taking pictures, and exchanging contact information. Venus and I brought them chocolates and candy. Before I left on this trip I brought this book with me “365 Days to Knowing God for Girls”. My grandmother gave me that book about 2 years ago. I knew my girls would take care of it and use that book well, so I gave it to them…This was a sad day but an unforgettable day. These girls will always be in my heart, and I know I will stay in touch with them."

Kristen Larson