Christine Ortiz


“Today we did our service work in the kitchen. We were all afraid we were going to have to peel potatoes with these huge knives, but got lucky because our task that day was to sort beans. The bag was huge! The people who worked in the kitchen told us we could stop at 11:00 but we didn’t, we kept going until the whole bag was done. The kitchen crew was very thankful that there was one less task they needed to do! I felt great.

I loved this trip. This is a trip I will never forget. This was my first time out of the country and this was the best place to go. I loved being at the village. It opened my horizon on the world. I will never forget the people I met or the friends I made…I would love to come back and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity…Thank you to all of the people who made it possible for me to be here."

Kristen Larson