Evelise Moreno


“Today was the most amazing day! We went to Azizi Life, which means you basically go to someone’s village and do what they do every day. We met four ladies, and their husbands and kids. They welcomed us with a prayer and dressed us like Rwandan women...We started by farming next to the house so when the rain comes the soil is ready to cultivate. They showed us their kitchen. There was no electric stove but a fire and a place to put the pot. They said they had to get up early every day to put the beans on the fire because it takes all day to cook them. Then we cut the grass and fed the cow. The amazing part was that we had to make a wrap out of banana leaves and place it on our heads so we could carry grass on our heads...then we had to climb a really steep hill to fetch water, bring it down and go back up again. Everyone was so tired, but they reminded us that women have to climb these hills every day with a baby on their back, carrying wood on their heads, and water in both hands. This shows how strong these women are and they deserve all the respect in the world.

The lunch was wonderful… The women also make bracelets and baskets to sell at a gift store. They showed us how to make bracelets and it was awesome. One thing I learned was that they are very resourceful, using what’s around them to make beautiful objects. When it was time to leave they sang and danced to a beautiful song to say good-bye. We all enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. These are the moments that make me realize how strong and powerful women are."

Kristen Larson