Jasleen Baez


Well, at the end of the day every journey has to come to an end, but what happens if you don’t want that journey to end? It’s sad that I can’t stop this from happening, but every beautiful thing has to dissolve at some point. This is not my case, because I can make a choice of continuing this journey. This experience has taught me so much about the world, and has even taught me about what the world might look like if there could be peace. During this trip I learned that anyone can change the world one step at a time. Like the founder of ASYV, Anne Heyman, once said, ‘If you see far, you will go far’. So from this point on I would pledge to her motto and do whatever it takes to become very successful like Anne, and for once, look at the world as a whole.

I want to take this moment to thank every single person that had something to do in making this trip something I will never forget...I have not only become aware that it is possible for us to change the world, but you also have to know that you can’t do it alone. That’s when unity becomes important and it’s what I learned throughout this journey at Agahozo-Shalom…Agahozo-Shalom proved to be a united community, and if you work as a united community, you will accomplish many great things."

Kristen Larson